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Welcome to our Buyamag Inc
We honor orders from Medical Institutions Educational Colleges, Doctor Offices, Dental Offices, Research and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Legal Offices, Private Parties.

We provide and sale Best Quality Anatomical Models Dental Models Manikins Simulators superior prices and quality, for Medical Educational Programs in Medical Universities Dental Schools and Colleges.

Buyamag Inc. established in 1995 in Carlsbad CA. 92011 we design provide and distribute Medical Anatomical Models and Dental Models for students training education and patients demonstration. We sell and provide Best Quality of Anatomically Correct human Anatomical Models, manikins, simulators and Training Kits for universities schools, patient education display, sales and trade-show presentations, as well as health professional training applications for general medical doctors, dentists, implant surgeons, orthodontists, dental schools and universities, implant and orthodontic companies, dental laboratories, and dental offices, oral anesthesia, hygiene training procedure specialty suppliers. dental models, simulators, manikins, phantom head, posters and charts for dental techniques training. Our education models and supply displays used in dental colleges, dental schools, courses for knowledge experience gaining in dental techniques. Orthodontic and Implantation related items used in surgeries training of future dental professionals, case presentations, legal presentation, and in-office staff assistant training displayed by Buyamag inc.